Saturday, November 22, 2008

“I like my meat!”?

It’s a common phrase to hear when discussing veganism with an omnivore, “I like my meat!” I think it is a reflexive response omnivores use when they feel threatened, as the saying is commonly uttered when the issue of ethics is introduced to the conversation. I believe we all have our comfort foods, and when you were raised in a family where animal flesh was ever present at the dinner table the thought of it not being there becomes frightening. I have some experience in this as I have not always been vegan. I was raised as many Albertan’s are with meat and potatoes as a household staple. I always knew in my mind that animals were not treated in a humane manner and I had seen the PETA videos showing disturbing images from factory farms and slaughterhouses but I chose to remain blind for many years protecting my comfort food and proudly proclaiming, “I like my meat!” I have to give credit to my spouse for showing me that ethical dietary choices did not have to mean giving up comfort foods all together. Rather I had to find new comfort foods that I could enjoy on a spiritual level as well as a physical level. I now can find pride in the choices I make knowing innocence was not lost to bring me to my happy place and I can now proudly exclaim, “I like my ethics!”

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Rosalie said...

"I like my ethics!"

Wonderful response. I think I will begin to use that.